If you get into rent arrears you must either:
• Pay the amount you owe back, or
• Come to an agreement to pay a regular amount towards your arrears.
If you don’t do this we have the right to take you to court and seek to evict you. The steps to eviction are shown below and are used as a last resort.
• You will be served with a Notice of Seeking Possession or a Notice to Quit.
• If you don’t clear the arrears as agreed in the time allowed we will request a court hearing.
• If the arrears aren’t cleared in full, at the time of the hearing, the court can grant an outright possession order and an eviction will be arranged.

Alternatively the possession order will be suspended provided the arrears are cleared as directed by the court.
• If, in the case of a suspended order, the arrears aren’t paid the court will be asked to arrange for an eviction to be carried out. If you ever need advice or assistance with debt, then you should contact the Revenue Officer. We will be able to refer you to a number of organisations that could help.